Purpose of the appraisal

    An aircraft appraisal is an unbiased opinion of the value of an aircraft prepared by an expert who knows all the factors that make up the current behaviour of the used aircraft market. It is an opinion on value based on experience and repeated analysis of these factors.


    An aircraft appraisal will enable you to avoid approximate values and will eliminate any doubt as to the exact value of the aircraft being appraised. An accurate value is important for several reasons:

    • For the buyer, the appraisal is a valuable tool they can use to determine a fair offer price based on all installed equipment and modifications. In addition, the appraised value will take into account the presence of any previous or current damage and will be adjusted accordingly. The appraisal report will assure the buyer that they are getting the right plane for their situation and are paying a fair price.
    • For the seller, the appraisal provides the overall condition and fair market value of the aircraft as seen through the eyes of an independent third party. The appraisal report is an excellent selling tool because it gives a potential buyer confidence that the condition and appearance of the aircraft is as represented.


    “Send AVIDEX to carry out a thorough appraisal that will reassure your banker.” – Pascal Picard

    Appraisal Process

    An appraisal inspection is performed on site by an expert.

    The time required for the physical examination varies depending on the age of the aircraft and the organization of the records (this process normally takes between 3 and 6 hours).

    • Physical examination of the airframe, engines, paint and interior

    • Digital photos detailing the condition of the aircraft

    • Records review (logbooks, maintenance tracking reports, AD and SB compliance, etc.)

    • Avionics inventory

    • Confirming the presence of optional installed equipment and aircraft modifications

    Market research is conducted on a similar year/brand/model to the aircraft in question. Wherever possible, actual sales data is used in the comparable analysis.
    We regularly refer to the Aircraft Bluebook and VREF Publishing for general pricing information.


    A written evaluation report including digital photos is sent via email within 7-10 days.

    Physical Evaluation

    This type of appraisal allows the expert to document the condition of the airframe, paint and interior of the aircraft with detailed photos that are included in the body of the evaluation report. The on-site inspection also gives the surveyor the opportunity to thoroughly examine the aircraft’s logbooks, maintenance history and the presence of any previous or current damage to the aircraft.


    This type of appraisal produces the most accurate and detailed evaluation report we offer.

    Documentary Appraisal

    This type of appraisal is based on information provided by the client or another outside source. The estimated value will not be as accurate as a physical appraisal because the information and condition of the aircraft has not been independently verified by the appraiser. Nevertheless, we always use all of our resources of available comparable data and market trends for the appraisal process, and the value can be considered accurate as long as the source of the information provided is reliable.

    Market Appraisal

    We use historical value data and trends to estimate future values.

    Financial Appraisal

    Aircraft appraisal services for banks, insurance companies, lending companies when applying for financing, repossession, or for any owner wishing to determine the sale price of an aircraft or its value for insurance coverage.